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How to Prepare 2 Eggs and a Sausage

17 Aug

Imagine if you looked up information on “How to Plan a 6th Grade Graduation Breakfast” and you got this instead:

Sausage and eggs -- eHow style.

It’s been removed now, but you can see the Google cache here.

Or click the image below to see a screen cap.






How to Quit Your Job at eHow

16 Aug

This one was actually up for a few hours.  Sadly Demand Media deleted it pretty fast. Guess they still read this blog. Check out the last paragraph.



Behind the Scenes: How eHow Works — or Doesn’t

15 Aug

Someone just sent me this lovely screen cap that gives you a good idea of why eHow’s content is so shitty. The image is from an editor’s work desk where he’s just published an article. Click on it to take a look — it’s beautiful. The submitter also included a note. Here it is in part:

Basically I figured i was going to get fired abut a month ago from bad performance reviews so I started publishing pretty much anything. Sometimes i sent rewrites using the boilerplates just to Recently I started adding photos that I thought improved the content and links to ur blog. A writer reported me, so I should be fired soon, but it was a good run while is lassted.

How to Write Bad eHow Articles

7 Apr


This article is so damn awesome, I’m just copying the whole thing (sue me DMS).

How to Write Bad Ehow Articles

Why write quality, when you can write a bad e-how article?

Moderately Easy

things you’ll need:

  • Computer


  • 1)  Pick a topic. Think of something you’ve never done and don’t know much about.

  • 2)  Don’t test it out to see if it works.
  • 3)  Don’t do any research on the topic.
  • 4) Write some vague instructions stating only the obvious. Make sure you don’t include enough information to actually complete the task correctly. You get extra points if the instructions seem to be for something other than the title of the article, or the steps are obviously out of order.
  • 5) Repeat the same spamy SEO key words over and over again in every step. For instance: Get rich quick.
  • 6) Don’t spelll chek. Who neads to spel? Spellling is stoopid, espeshialy in the tittle. Get ricch quickk.
  • 7) Uses bad grammar. If it make sense it not have have style. Get a rich quick.
  • 8 )
    A pirates life for me! 

    Put photos on every step that add no information to help complete the task. You get extra points if you use obviously copyrighted photos. Don’t put anything in the photo credit field. For goodness sake don’t take your own photos. Get rich quick.

  • 9) Put a completely unrelated affiliate link under resources. Link back to your unrelated blog and your e-book while you’re at it. Get rich quick.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Write as fast as you can.
    • Type what ever comes into your head
    • If nothing’s in your head, rip off other people’s work.
    • If you could hurt yourself following your instructions, don’t use this section.


    How to Write Bad Ehow Articles |

  • How to Be the Bobby Knight of Pee Wee Basketball

    1 Feb

    "Tossing a metal folding chair across the floor in the midst of a game is a foolish act that could easily hurt someone. So only do it when you're losing."

    This article is actually pretty awesome. The author took a ridiculous title and produced a hilarious how-to.

    If you don’t know, Bobby Knight is the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history. He is also the most yellingest and ill-tempered coach in sports history.

    This article offers up some solid advice on how to use Bobby Knight’s tactics when coaching kids’ basketball, like “grabbing a player by the neck to get their attention is just an awful way to teach anyone; so only do it to the kids that are really horsing around” and “let the kids know that while your tactics may seem harsh at times, everything you do is with their best interests in mind. Sure it’s hogwash, but hey they’re ten–they might buy it!”

    This article is actually way too good for eHow.

    How to Be the Bobby Knight of Pee Wee Basketball |

    Update: eHow has decided to deprive readers of this beauty. See it here:

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