Demand Media Produces Quality Content

29 Mar

I don’t know about the content of this article. To be honest I just read the part that someone highlighted for me, the tips and warning section which reads:

It appears that the writer included her notes to the copy editor in the body of the article and the copy editor didn’t have the sense to remove them. Good to see that Demand Media is improving their quality.

Thanks to Kenneth Crawford of Kenneth Crawford Writing for the scoop.
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Update: DMS fixed the article, but you can see the original here.


One Response to “Demand Media Produces Quality Content”

  1. W.T. Anderdson May 14, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Sorry, didn’t know how to contact you. Please delete this post after you read it. Just a suggestion for a post for you.

    There’s a Demand Studios writer with a website that teaches writers how to game the system to write 4-5 articles per hour.

    In a Demand Forum post, we see two articles as samples:

    Roses of Georgia

    Hiking Trips to Alaska

    Neither article addresses the topic by giving any state-specific information.

    Multiple Demand CEs point out the violations (including use of a blacklisted site as a reference), in this forum thread, yet the articles remain on Demand sites, with Eve’s and Richard’s full knowledge.

    Scamming DMS is such a non-issue for DMS, a writer can sell a book about it — ON THE DEMAND FORUMS — and DMS management doesn’t remove the articles or terminate the writer!

    Here’s the thread where the writer brags about cheating and multiple CEs rip his articles.

    The writer still writes for Demand and the articles remain online.

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