How to Be the Bobby Knight of Pee Wee Basketball

1 Feb

"Tossing a metal folding chair across the floor in the midst of a game is a foolish act that could easily hurt someone. So only do it when you're losing."

This article is actually pretty awesome. The author took a ridiculous title and produced a hilarious how-to.

If you don’t know, Bobby Knight is the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history. He is also the most yellingest and ill-tempered coach in sports history.

This article offers up some solid advice on how to use Bobby Knight’s tactics when coaching kids’ basketball, like “grabbing a player by the neck to get their attention is just an awful way to teach anyone; so only do it to the kids that are really horsing around” and “let the kids know that while your tactics may seem harsh at times, everything you do is with their best interests in mind. Sure it’s hogwash, but hey they’re ten–they might buy it!”

This article is actually way too good for eHow.

How to Be the Bobby Knight of Pee Wee Basketball |

Update: eHow has decided to deprive readers of this beauty. See it here:


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