How to Put on a Speedo

1 Jan

"Hook an index finger inside the legband at the bottom on each side, run the fingers toward each other to the crotch area. This will make sure that all parts that are supposed to be tucked in are tucked in. If necessary, adjust your penis. Some men prefer to lay it up and others tuck it down; the choice is yours as long as it is enclosed completely."

I would never search the internet to learn how to put on a pair of swim trunks — that’s just plain dumb. A Speedo on the other hand, that’s a whole other story; a Speedo is exotic, European and apparently highly complicated. You can’t just step through the legs of your banana hammock, it requires a great deal of skill and training — or so eHow would have me believe.

This highly informative instructional details the steps involved in putting on a Speedo from step one, trimming your mankini line, to step 5, how to tuck your junk.



How to Put on a Speedo |


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